Perceptive Photography Course for Environmental Interpretation

Perceptive Photography Course for Environmental Interpretation

Rifugio Pradaccio, San Pellegrino in Alpe (LU) – July 6-7-8 2012

An instructive hiking weekend in the Apennine’s natural parks, along historical roads, among beech woods and magnificent landscapes.

There are many amateur or professional naturalistic photography courses the aim of which is to learn how to choose and use photographic gear, identify locations and subjects and, occasionally, introduce some knowledge of natural environments. There are instead other courses, typically professional, that deal with a biological study of the subject matter and relative technical-scientific issues.

Rarely, however, do they deal with the connection between these two aspects, i.e. how photography can be a valuable method and instrument to interpret characteristics, qualities and peculiarities of the environment, and how it can stimulate and enhance the human senses because it is able to read and report natural elements and phenomena that cannot be perceived otherwise.




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