At the request of many visitors to the shows in 2013, a catalog of the photographic exhibition held together with the multi-artistic didactic project H2OVER has been published.

It consists of 80 high quality printed images with captions, mathematical formulae, quotes by Eliseé Reclus, five texts (describing contents, characteristics and philosophical or artistic interpretations of the work) and other useful information, for a total of 100 color pages.

The first part has a purely artistic aim and contains the 20 photographs of the new show, SPRAYS OF LIGHT, recently created and inaugurated on May 3rd 2014 in Casalmaggiore. It is made up of particularly impressive images of professional fine art quality, printed in large format.
The second part of the catalog illustrates the piece WATER SYMPHONY, made up of 60 images followed by scientific and literary interpretations of the hydro-phenomena following the metaphorical theme of the cycle of human life.
Following this are explanations of environmental analysis and interpretation, of perceptive photography, of the various shooting techniques and of philosophic and artistic interpretation.

To purchase the CATALOG please visit the SHOP ON LINE are of the site.


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